PCJ is a library for Java language that helps to perform parallel and distributed calculations. The current version is able to work on the multicore systems connected with the typical interconnect such as ethernet or infiniband providing users with the uniform view across nodes.

Download PCJ library (jar file of 29.04.2017 ver. 5.0.6)  Latest (bug fixing release)!

Download PCJ manual (pdf) for PCJ 5 New!

The PCJ library can be used with no cost at BSD license. It requires Java 8 and no additional tools or comilers.  The PCJ library for Java 7 is available in the dowload section.

The source code is available at GitHub: https://github.com/hpdcj/pcj

Version 5 introduces asyncPut() and asyncGet() methods; put() and get() methods are now synchronous. There is new handling of shared variables. The code developed for PCJ 4 hast to be modified. For details please reffer to the JavaDoc file.

The usage should be acknowledged by reference to the PCJ web site and/or reference to the papers:

Full paper list can be found here: http://pcj.icm.edu.pl/pcj-papers

Contact: bala@icm.edu.pl faramir@icm.edu.pl

File Description Release date
PCJ 5    
PCJ library 5.0.6 (jar file for Java 8 of 14.11.2017) PCJ Library for Java 8 (jar file, ver 5) 14.11.2017
PCJ Java docs 5.0.6 (zip file of 14.11.2017) PCJ doc (Java docs) 14.11.2017
PCJ library 5.0.4 (jar file for Java 8 of 9.05.2017) PCJ Library for Java 8 (jar file, ver 5) 9.05.2017
PCJ Java docs 5.0.4 (zip file of 14.11.2017) PCJ doc (Java docs) 9.05.2017
PCJ manual (pdf) PCJ Manual for PCJ5 (pdf) 5.05.2017
PCJ 4    
PCJ library 4.1 (jar file  for Java 8 of 9.01.2016) PCJ Library for Java 8 (jar file, ver 4) 9.01.2016
PCJ Java docs (zip file of 9.01.2016) PCJ doc (Java docs) 9.01.2016
PCJ manual (pdf) PCJ Manual for PCJ4 (pdf) 11.11.2013
old version (not supported)    
PCJ library 4.0.1 (jar file  for Java 7 of 20.09.2014) PCJ Library for Java 7 (jar file) 20.09.2014
PCJ Java docs (zip file of 20.09.2014) PCJ doc (Java docs) 20.09.2014
PCJ library 3.0.0 (not available) PCJ Library (jar file)   7.11.2013

PCJ ver 5 has different API than PCJ ver 4. Please reffer to the documentation and examples (we are updateing web site).