Task management

Number of tasks, tasks id's

PCJ library offers two useful methods:
public static int PCJ.threadCount()
which returns number of tasks running and
public static int PCJ.myId()
which returns id of the task. Task id is integer value of the range from 0 to PCJ.threadCount()-1.

Task synchronization

PCJ offers PCJ.barrier() method which allows to synchronize all tasks. While this line is reached, the execution is stopped until all tasks reach the synchronization line.
public static void PCJ.barrier()
Remember, that this line has to be executed by all tasks. The user can provide argument to barrier() which is integer id of the task to synchronize.
public static void PCJ.barrier(int id)
In this case two tasks are synchronized: one with the given id and one which starts barrier()method. Please note that both tasks have to execute method.